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5 Common Interview Mistakes

Written by Amy Ryan

As someone who's been on both sides of the interview table, I've seen my fair share of bad interviews that can turn a promising candidate into a not-so-promising one faster than you can say "you're hired!"


So, grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and let's dive into the common interview mistakes to avoid:


5 Common Interview Mistakes


Interview Mistake 1: Playing the Waiting Game

We've all been there, waiting for someone to arrive, only to realize they're fashionably late (or worse, they never show up at all!). Time is precious, so don't leave your candidate hanging. Respect their time and yours by starting the interview on time, every time.


Interview Mistake 2: Textbook Talk

We've all heard those tired, cliché interview questions a million times before: "What's your greatest weakness?" "Where do you see yourself in five years?" Yawn. Mix it up a bit! Get creative with your questions and give the candidate a chance to shine outside the confines of the standard interview script. Here's some great ideas for interview questions.


Interview Mistake 3: The Poker Face

Picture this: You're sitting across from a candidate who's expressing their passion for the role, and you respond like a stone-faced statue. Yikes. Show some enthusiasm, smile, and let the candidate know you're genuinely interested in what they have to say.


Interview Mistake 4: The Over-Promiser

It's tempting to paint a rosy picture of the role and the company during the interview, particularly when you’ve got a rockstar candidate, but be careful not to oversell. Making unrealistic promises or exaggerating the perks of the job can backfire. Be honest and transparent about the role, the company culture, and what to expect if they come on board.


Interview Mistake 5: Ghosting 101

You've conducted the interviews, you've made your decision, and you’ve got your new hire. And then it’s done, right? Wrong. Ghosting is never cool, whether you're on a first date or conducting a job interview. Take the time to follow up with each candidate, even if it's just to say thanks but no thanks.



There you have it, five common interview mistakes to avoid like the plague. Ready to fine-tune your interview game? Don't hesitate to seek feedback from your recent hires. Embrace their insights and tweak your approach to ensure your interviewing skills are as sharp as ever. Happy hiring!


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