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Interview Tips: Time to Level Up

Written by Amy Ryan

In large part, you get out of life what you put into it. The same holds true for hiring a new employee. If you do the minimum through your interviewing process, then you will get applicants that reflect that level of effort.


Ready to level up your interviewing game and find the perfect candidates for your team? I’ve got some interview tips to ensure your interviews produce the best hires out there.


Interview Tips: Time to Level Up


Know What You're Looking For. Before diving into interviews, clearly define the role and the key skills and qualities you're seeking in candidates. This will help you ask targeted questions (consistently) and evaluate candidates effectively.



Be Ready. Nothing is worse than the interviewer who is reviewing a resume for the first time during the actual interview. Take the time to review each candidate's resume and familiarize yourself with their background and experience so you can ask informed questions during the interview.



Create a Welcoming Environment. Interviews make everyone nervous. You can improve that by ensuring the interview space is comfortable and conducive to conversation. Offer water or coffee and greet candidates with a warm smile to help put them at ease.



Ask Open-Ended Questions. Instead of sticking to a rigid script, ask open-ended questions that encourage candidates to share their experiences and insights. Ask follow-up questions to create a conversation (rather than a Q&A).



Listen Actively and Take Notes. Pay close attention to what candidates are saying and take notes to help you remember important details later. Avoid interrupting and show a genuine interest in their responses. If needed, after the interview is finished take some time while it’s fresh to complete your notes.



Promote Your Company. Remember, the interview is not just about evaluating candidates—it's also an opportunity to sell your company and the role. Highlight the perks, benefits, and growth opportunities your company offers to attract top talent.



Follow Up Promptly: Good candidates get snatched up fast. Reach out quickly – no more than a week should go by without making contact to provide an update, feedback and/or next steps. Even if they're not the right fit for the current role, you never know what the future holds for other opportunities.



With these interview tips in your toolkit, you'll be well-equipped to conduct interviews that identify the best candidates for your team and set them up for success. Happy hiring!

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